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I was born in Weinheim, Germany. After studying graphic design in Darmstadt, I worked for various advertising agencies in Germany and abroad. In 2009 I started to create digital images by combining historical paintings, curiosities and fairytale illustrations into surreal and sensual images. I posted my work on internet platforms and got a lot of feedback from the online community. It was new for me to get so much response, since I'd never shown my work to more than my family! It was also the first time I presented myself as an artist. Since then, my passion for creating has stayed with me.

"German artist Catrin Welz-Stein combines elements of surrealism and the subconscious mind to create beautiful and complex images. In her work as a graphic designer Welz-Stein brings her digital skills to create a wonderful crossover between the artistic and subconscious realm we all encounter within ourselves. Drawing on her extensive background in graphic design, Welz-Stein’s art displays influences from varying mediums, from classic children’s literature to surrealism and folklore. Using both old images and illustrations, elements are added and retouched and removed to create something stirringly unique."

Paperblanks, USA, 2021

"Catrin Welz-Stein is an artist that is known for her unique art of combining drawings with art from those days of yore. With magic in her pen, Catrin Welz-Stein creates digital works of art that melds centuries together in an instant. Her work ignites nostalgia yet at the same time it contrasts and highlights the contemporary. Made with oldphotographs from the 1900's or with old illustrations from the 1700's, Catrin's knack for piecing and melting them together with her computer, allows these old images to belong right in the present."

Magazine Little, Singapore, 2020

In my art, I blur the lines between imagination and reality. I like to give my images a vintage, ethereal feel. During the creative process, I scan old paintings, photographs and illustrations from the public domain. I work digitally and transform the images by first tearing them apart. They are like puzzle pieces that I work together, until they reveal a whole new meaning and tell an unknown story.